Industrial Pack Line

Special explanation:

1.The pulp moulded industrial pack products(PMP) are made of waste paper such as used newspaper,waste carton, off-cut in paper making mills and printing factories.The wasted paper is smashed in the hydrapulper and adjusted to a certain consistecy.After being added to some chemicals, the fiber in the pulper will cover the wiremesh of the mold with the effect of the vacuum. The wet blank becomes the finished products after drying, hot pressing.

2.The main raw material is wasted paper and can be collected easily at low cost.The water in production is all recirculatedly used, and there is no wasted water and exhausted gas discharged during the production process.Besides, The used pulp molded packages could be recycled and would never pollute the earth because of its biodegradability.

3.the main energy used to dry the pulp products can be choosed among 0# diesel oil,natural gas,LPG which is depending on local cost. The steam, heat conducting oil and heavy oil also could be applied to dry the products,but the investment and field occupation would be increased.

4.The pulp molding industrial pack products have been used for more than 60 years in the world. It is an ideal material to pack industrial products packing due to its good performance in protection and low cost.

    the specifications of the pulp molding production lines are devers due to different pulp molding diescustomer base, market demands,labor cost,engery cost,field availability and climate in different areas, and even the same customer has different requirements on the styles for different products.Considering this, our company developed many pulp molding production lines with different specifications to meet the customer's requirement.

Here are some regular specifications as follows:

1, Rotary production lines,including 5 types:type P-WY production line, type P-W2Y production line, type P-W3Y production line, type P-W4Y production line,typeP-W5Y production line.

2, Reciprocate production line,5 types:type P-800 production line,type P-1200 production line,type P-1300 production line,typeP-1600 production line,type P-1900 production line.

The pulp molded products made by the above production lines could be used as follows: the shock-proof inner pack for the home applicance,communication Pulp molding pulperunits,ceramics, electronics, hardware, computer, furniture, artcraft, foods, healthcare products, toys and others . also these production lines could be used to produce 30-cell egg tray, egg box/carton(6-cell, 10-cell, 12-cell,6+6-cell, 15-cell, 18-cell etc),fuit tray(for apple,tomato,pear etc),cup carrier(4-pack,2-pack),some medical-care products and some pulp molding products with fixed shape and big quantity. If these production lines are used for the egg tray,egg box/carton,fruit tray,coffee tray, health care products,the production effeciency will be lower compared with egg tray production lines. And there will be no advantage on the production cost.