Tableware Line

Fast food business has developed tremendously in the past 50 years,which brings great convenience to the morden people in busy life. However, the disposable dishware(EPS) brings the serious "white pollution" to the earth. Nowadays, the people pay more attention to the environment protection and many countries had made out the laws to forbid or limit the use of EPS disposable dishware. It is obvious that the EPS will be replaced by some more green materials.

Special instruction:

1,The pulp molded dishware is made of wood or grass pulp. The pulp board is smashed in the hydrapulper and adjusted to a certain consistency. After being added to some chemicals, the fiber in the pulp will cover the wiremesh of the mold with thepulp molding equipment effect of the vacuum. The wet blank becomes to the finished products after drying, hot pressing, edge cutting and disinfection. All these is finished Reciprocateally on the machine,which is efficient,safe, lower in labor and production cost .

2.As the raw material of the pulp molded dishware is wood or grass pulp, it is very easy and convenient to be collected source. The water in production is all recirculatedly used, and there is no wasted water and exhausted gas discharged during the production process. The used dishware could be recycled and would never pollute the earth because of its biodegradebility.

3.The main energy requirements in the production of pulp moulded dishware: electricity.

4.Through the pulp molding tablewares have been just used for several years in the world. It is an ideal products for the fast food due to its good quality and low price.

Our company has developed various types of production lines to meet customers demands in the world.Here are regular types as follows:

type C1000 production line,type C2000 production line,type C3000 production line ,type C4000 production line.

All these lines can produce various disposable tablewares like the food box,food tray.